Introducing Jim Mahaffey's "THE TEN-MINUTE JAZZ SERIES."
Ten Minute Warmups
  • SECTION 1: CHORALE: Pitch, phrasing, balance, dynamics
  • SECTION 2: DOO-DOTS: Articulation and rhythms
  • SECTION 3: SCALES: In swing style, around the circle of fourths with Major seventh arpeggios
  • SECTION 4: KICKS: To prepare your drummer and ensemble to enter on various upbeats and downbeats.

Ten Minute Jazz Scale Inventory THE TEN-MINUTE JAZZ SCALE INVENTORY. -- SMCO39 -- $45.00
  • Major scales, modes, pentatonic, blues and whole-tone scales beginning on Bb, Eb, and F concert. In a group practice format.

Dominant Ninth Chords
  • VOLUME 1 - Dominant Ninth Chords -- SMCO40 -- $45.00
    • Easy to read lesson explains dominant ninth chords on I-Bb, IV-Eb, and V-F in a 12 and 16 bar Bb blues format.
    • Mixolydian mode introduced and suggested improv examples given on each chord for practice.
    • A bonus chart, "So Long Mister Jitters" gives all a chance to apply techniques learned in the lesson.

        So Long Mister Jitters

Dominant Ninth Chords and Dorian Scales
  • VOLUME 2 - Minor Ninth Chords and Dorian Scales -- SMCO41 -- $45.00
    • Teaches minor ninth chords built on ii-C and F concert, and introduces the dorian mode.
    • Suggested improv examples given on each chord, and a bonus chart "Dorian's Waltz" illustrates the A-B-A form with a jazz waltz format.
    • In each volume, rhythm section members practice improv and are given additional information and tips pertaining to their instrument (styles, chord voicings, basslines, etc.).

        Dorian's Waltz

Major Ninth Chords
  • VOLUME 3 - Major Ninth Chords -- SMCO43 -- $45.00
    • Easy to understand lesson on major ninth chords built on I-Bb, IV-Eb, and bVII-Ab concert.
    • Lydian mode introduced as substitute for major.
    • Suggested improv examples given for practice on each chord.
    • Bonus chart "The Major's Bossa" gives students a chance to use major ninths and lydians, while the rhythm section learns basics of the bossa nova.

        The Major's Bossa

The Two-Five-One Progression
  • VOLUME 4 - The Two-Five-One Progression -- SMCO45 -- $45.00
    • After mastering lessons and skills learned in the previous volumes, Volume 4 teaches the popular ii-V-I progression in three settings. Students use learned skills for a ii-V-I progression (Cmi9-F9-BbMaj9) in Bb concert.
    • A second setting transposes to Eb concert, a ii-V-I that leads to the IV chord Eb, or Fmi9-Bb9-Eb.
    • And a third setting introduces students to a ii-V-I type of progression which leads to the relative minor on G, or Ami7(b5)-D9-Gm.
    • The "flat 5" and diminished vii chord are discussed and plenty of examples are given. In each section, the modal sequence of dorian-mixolydian-lydian is stressed and practiced.
    • The bonus chart "251 Swing Street" teaches ii-V-I progressions and the swing style.

        251 Swing Street

The I-IV-II-V-I Progression
  • VOLUME 5 - The I-VI-II-V-I Progression -- SMCO47 -- $45.00
    • After mastering the ii-V-I, the minor vi chord is used to create a progression similar to "Rhythm Changes", or I-vi-ii-V-I.
    • This very important progression uses skills already discussed and learned in previous volumes, but in the above sequence, or BbMaj9-Gm9-Cm9-F9-BbMaj9. The frequently-used AABA form is introduced, and the term "bridge", "riff", and circle of fourths and fifths is discussed in depth.
    • Secondary dominants are clearly explained and illustrated as substitutes for diatonic chords both in the bridge section and in the ii-V-I sequence.
    • New chords in the iii-vi-ii-V bridge include D9-G9-C9, and F9. The "Bebop" style is used in the ABAA bonus chart called "Boppin' the Riff."

        Boppin' the Riff

The Full Circle of Fouths
  • VOLUME 6 - The Full Circle of Fourths -- SMCO48 -- $50.00 (Includes Playalong CD SMCO49CD)
    • The lesson in our final volume extends the above progression to complete chord sequence in the full circle of fourths, or root progression C-F-Bb-Eb-A-D-G (as in Autumn Leaves).
    • This progression is approached as a "ii-V-I-IV" in Bb, followed by a simple "ii-V-I" in G minor, relative minor to Bb Major.
    • Thus, the chord progression Cmi9-F9-BbMaj9-EbMaj9, then Ami7(b5)-D9-Gmi. is formed.
    • A "bridge" that includes similar changes occurs, and a return to the original set completes another AABA form in the bonus chart, A Season Departs.

        A Season Departs

Ten Minute Play-Along CD THE TEN-MINUTE PLAYALONG CD -- SMCO49CD -- $10.95
  • Recorded backgrounds of all bonus charts (volumes 1-6) by a
    professional rhythm section.
  • Gives students a chance to practice improv lessons individually, privately.
  • Demonstrates rhythm section concepts for student drummers, bass players, guitarists, and pianists.

Ten Short Jazz Chorales TEN SHORT JAZZ CHORALES -- SMCO44 -- $45.00
  1. Fourths: A medium tempo swing in Bb concert with chord progression by fourths. (Pg. 3)

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  2. Pitch Matching: Bright swing in Bb with cross-sectional pitch-matching on F and Bb concert. (Pg. 4)

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  3. Modal Waltz: Three-quarter time moderate swing employing C and F dorian modes. (Pg. 6)

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  4. Full Circle With Sax Unison: In F, chords in full circle of fourths, unison sax line aids tuning. (Pg. 8)

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  5. Bone-Modale: In a groove a la Miles Davis, and in the C minor mode, the bones are in unison. (Pg. 10)

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  6. Cool Bossa: Concert F, laid back and lush. Great for sectional/tutti balance, and phrasing the bossa. (Pg. 12)

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  7. Lip-Slur Chromatic: A cut-time lip-slur workout for the brass with sax chords descending in half-steps. (Pg. 14)

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  8. It's The Bb Gospel: You guessed it! A moderate gospel swing with a unison melody line passed around the sections. Traditional gospel chords with a big finish that provides an opportunity to practice dynamics. (Pg. 16)0

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  9. Sambanice: Concert Bb with an easy "two" feel. Unison lines and nice chord changes are great for sectional and ensemble listening. The rhythm section gets a chance to "samba." (Pg. 18)

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  10. Trumpet-Tune: This medium swing in Eb gives trumpets the lead over a sax/bone rhythmic backup figure.0

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Throughout the Ten Short Jazz Chorales, the rhythm section "cooks" while everyone enjoys. (Pg. 20)

Jalen Jazz Publications BLUE STAR
Composed and arranged by Jim Mahaffey
Jalen Jazz Publications SHE GOT THE BENZ, I GOT THE BLOOZE
Composed and arranged by Jim Mahaffey
Jalen Jazz Publications SOMETIMES IT BE'S THAT WAY
Composed and arranged by Jim Mahaffey