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Introducing Jim Mahaffey's "THE TEN-MINUTE JAZZ SERIES"

Ten Minute Warmups THE TEN-MINUTE JAZZ WARMUP. - SMCO38 - $45.00
  • SECTION 1: CHORALE: Pitch, phrasing, balance, dynamics
  • SECTION 2: DOO-DOTS: Articulation and rhythms
  • SECTION 3: SCALES: In swing style, around the circle of fourths with Major seventh arpeggios
  • SECTION 4: KICKS: To prepare your drummer and ensemble to enter on various upbeats and downbeats.

Ten Minute Jazz Scale Inventory THE TEN-MINUTE JAZZ SCALE INVENTORY. - SMCO39 - $45.00
  • Major scales, modes, pentatonic, blues and whole-tone scales beginning on Bb, Eb, and F concert. In a group practice format.


Dominant Ninth Chords VOLUME 1 - Dominant Ninth Chords -- SMCO40 -- $45.00
  • Easy to read lesson explains dominant ninth chords on I-Bb, IV-Eb, and V-F in a 12 and 16 bar Bb blues format.
  • Mixolydian mode introduced and suggested improv examples given on each chord for practice.
  • A bonus chart, "So Long Mister Jitters" gives all a chance to apply techniques learned in the lesson.
Click tp play: "So Long Mister Jitters"
Dominant Ninth Chords and Dorian Scales VOLUME 2 - Minor Ninth Chords and Dorian Scales - SMCO41 - $45.00
  • Teaches minor ninth chords built on ii-C and F concert, and introduces the dorian mode.
  • Suggested improv examples given on each chord, and a bonus chart "Dorian's Waltz" illustrates the A-B-A form with a jazz waltz format.
  • In each volume, rhythm section members practice improv and are given additional information and tips pertaining to their instrument (styles, chord voicings, basslines, etc.).
Click tp play: "Dorian's Waltz"
Major Ninth Chords VOLUME 3 - Major Ninth Chords - SMCO43 - $45.00
  • Easy to understand lesson on major ninth chords built on I-Bb, IV-Eb, and bVII-Ab concert.
  • Lydian mode introduced as substitute for major.
  • Suggested improv examples given for practice on each chord.
  • Bonus chart "The Major's Bossa" gives students a chance to use major ninths and lydians, while the rhythm section learns basics of the bossa nova.
Click tp play: "The Major's Bossa"
The Two-Five-One Progression VOLUME 4 - The Two-Five-One Progression - SMCO45 - $45.00
  • After mastering lessons and skills learned in the previous volumes, Volume 4 teaches the popular ii-V-I progression in three settings. Students use learned skills for a ii-V-I progression (Cmi9-F9-BbMaj9) in Bb concert.
  • A second setting transposes to Eb concert, a ii-V-I that leads to the IV chord Eb, or Fmi9-Bb9-Eb.
  • And a third setting introduces students to a ii-V-I type of progression which leads to the relative minor on G, or Ami7(b5)-D9-Gm.
  • The "flat 5" and diminished vii chord are discussed and plenty of examples are given. In each section, the modal sequence of dorian-mixolydian-lydian is stressed and practiced.
  • The bonus chart "251 Swing Street" teaches ii-V-I progressions and the swing style.
Click tp play: "251 Swing Street"
The I-IV-II-V-I Progression VOLUME 5 - The I-VI-II-V-I Progression - SMCO47 - $45.00
  • After mastering the ii-V-I, the minor vi chord is used to create a progression similar to "Rhythm Changes", or I-vi-ii-V-I.
  • This very important progression uses skills already discussed and learned in previous volumes, but in the above sequence, or BbMaj9-Gm9-Cm9-F9-BbMaj9. The frequently-used AABA form is introduced, and the term "bridge", "riff", and circle of fourths and fifths is discussed in depth.
  • Secondary dominants are clearly explained and illustrated as substitutes for diatonic chords both in the bridge section and in the ii-V-I sequence.
  • New chords in the iii-vi-ii-V bridge include D9-G9-C9, and F9. The "Bebop" style is used in the ABAA bonus chart called "Boppin' the Riff"
Click tp play: "Boppin' the Riff"
The Full Circle of Fouths VOLUME 6 - The Full Circle of Fourths - SMCO48 - $50.00
(Includes Playalong CD SMCO49CD)
  • The lesson in our final volume extends the above progression to complete chord sequence in the full circle of fourths, or root progression C-F-Bb-Eb-A-D-G (as in Autumn Leaves).
  • This progression is approached as a "ii-V-I-IV" in Bb, followed by a simple "ii-V-I" in G minor, relative minor to Bb Major.
  • Thus, the chord progression Cmi9-F9-BbMaj9-EbMaj9, then Ami7(b5)-D9-Gmi. is formed.
  • A "bridge" that includes similar changes occurs, and a return to the original set completes another AABA form in the bonus chart, A Season Departs.
Click tp play: "A Season Departs"

Ten Minute Play-Along CD THE TEN-MINUTE PLAYALONG CD -- SMCO49CD -- $10.95
  • Recorded backgrounds of all bonus charts (volumes 1-6) by a
    professional rhythm section.
  • Gives students a chance to practice improv lessons individually, privately.
  • Demonstrates rhythm section concepts for student drummers, bass players, guitarists, and pianists.

Ten Short Jazz Chorales TEN SHORT JAZZ CHORALES -- SMCO44 -- $45.00
  1. Fourths: A medium tempo swing in Bb concert with chord progression by fourths. (Pg. 3)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 1"
  2. Pitch Matching: Bright swing in Bb with cross-sectional pitch-matching on F and Bb concert. (Pg. 4)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 2"
  3. Modal Waltz: Three-quarter time moderate swing employing C and F dorian modes. (Pg. 6)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 3"
  4. Full Circle With Sax Unison: In F, chords in full circle of fourths, unison sax line aids tuning. (Pg. 8)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 4"
  5. Bone-Modale: In a groove a la Miles Davis, and in the C minor mode, the bones are in unison. (Pg. 10)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 5"
  6. Cool Bossa: Concert F, laid back and lush. Great for sectional/tutti balance, and phrasing the bossa. (Pg. 12)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 6"
  7. A cut-time lip-slur workout for the brass with sax chords descending in half-steps. (Pg. 14)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 7"
  8. It's The Bb Gospel: You guessed it! A moderate gospel swing with a unison melody line passed around the sections. Traditional gospel chords with a big finish that provides an opportunity to practice dynamics. (Pg. 16)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 8"
  9. Sambanice: Concert Bb with an easy "two" feel. Unison lines and nice chord changes are great for sectional and ensemble listening. The rhythm section gets a chance to "samba." (Pg. 18)
    Click tp play: "Chorale 9"
  10. Trumpet-Tune: This medium swing in Eb gives trumpets the lead over a sax/bone rhythmic backup figure.
    Click tp play: "Chorale 10"
Throughout the Ten Short Jazz Chorales, the rhythm section "cooks" while everyone enjoys. (Pg. 20)